The Virginio Ferrari Foundation


Currently in the initial planning phase, The Virginio Ferrari Foundation will become the official museum of internationally acclaimed sculptor Virginio Ferrari. Inspired from Virginio’s belief that it is time to consider how fast things disappear and to become more aware of making art to live with, the nonprofit art organization will function to educate the public of his extensive work in the field of contemporary sculpture and public art, while also seeking to be an active organization in the production of new public art projects, exhibition programming, and community based initiatives.



In order for this project to generate energy we will depend on the generous donation of time and resources from friends, organizations and the general public who are interested in being a part of this cultural initiative. In the coming year the Ferrari Foundation will be organizing new creative opportunities for you to assist us in reaching our goal and becoming part of the process.

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Virginio L. Ferrari (b. 1937) is an internationally acclaimed contemporary sculptor who has exhibited his work in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and throughout the United States. Ferrari's monumental sculptures can be found on street corners and public parks, at universities and libraries, corporations and in private collections in Chicago and all over the world. 

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