Goals & Objectives

1. Develop an active studio and museum to create contemporary art exhibitions, artworks and to permanently exhibit Virginio Ferrari’s sculptures through the care and maintenance of an established institution

2. Locate a building or site for sale that will become a space to house and exhibit Virginio Ferrari’s artworks and archive, while creating the opportunity for new works to be developed in the coming years

3. Create a bridge between the studio space in Chicago with his studio in Guardistallo, Italy for artistic and cultural exchanges between both countries and cultures allowing for artists to learn from each other and inspire new appoaches to art

4. Provide a space for the community to gather, workshop and learn

The University of Chicago

The University currently holds six monumental Ferrari sculptures throughout their Hyde Park campus. An additional two monumental outdoor sculptures are in public parks in Hyde Park as well. With this public collection of works, Virginio’s prior teaching history with the University, and the support of a former student of Virginio’s from the UChicago’s Midway Studios the center would be proposed to the University of Chicago through the following means: Virginio would donate a determined amount of artworks to the Foundation so that a collection of works can be created. The allocation of funding for the purchase and creation of the museum would be formed through collectors who would want their Virginio Ferrari art collection to gain value through the establishment of a museum. Once the space and foundation are established the donated Ferrari works and building would be gifted to the University of Chicago with the stipulation that the institution upon acceptance of this gift would then be responsible for its care and main-tenance