Proposed Site Assets

  • The Arts Center is proposed to be in proximity to the University of Chicago Campus

  • The Greater Hyde Park Area boasts extensive reinvestment dollars including the Obama Presidential Library and the new Green Line Arts Center

  • The Arts Center can benefit with it’s proximity and connectivity to the South Side Museum Campus

  • Washington Park and Jackson Park are becoming destination areas for the City

  • There is easy access to public transportation including two CTA train lines, a Metra line and express bus service from downtown

  • The area is served by a both the Dan Ryan and Lakeshore Drive, major transportation arteries in the city

Proposed Area

Site Opportunities & Examples


vacant School - overton

Reuse of vacant Chicago Public School. There are several vacated buildings in the Greater Hyde Park area that can be repurposed for the Ferrari Contemporary Arts Center. This building typology would allow for galleries, studio areas and educational programming. This building type might not allow artists live/work spaces.


Existing Building w/ Vacant Lot

Similar to this example at 61st and Champlain, an existing building with adjacent open space could be repurposed for the Arts Center. The Foundation could acquire the property or work with an owner/developer to build on the site.


Commercial w/ Residential Above

The Ferrari Foundation could acquire and existing masonry mixed use building in the Greater Hyde Park Area. This building type would allow for extensive gallery and studio space at grade with easy access to the public. Upper levels could be used for offices and live/work spaces for visiting artists.


Construction Opportunities